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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

What colour are the patches?

Black - the front face of the fabric patch is black. On the rear of the patch is a white backing film that covers the adhesive. This white film is peeled off before use.

Is it easy to apply the patches?

The applicators make the patches extremely easy to apply. The whole process will take no longer than a couple of minutes.

How long should I leave the patches for before using my trainers?

Ensure that the patch is firmly applied to your trainer / shoe (spend some time rubbing over the patch to ensure it is stuck down firmly). After application allow the adhesive to dry (cure) for 24 hours before using your footwear

How long will the patches last for?

The adhesive on the Trainer Armour patches may not outlive the life of your trainers, but it will certainly prevent big toe holes appearing. Therefore, it might be necessary to replace a patch if it becomes unstuck

Is there anything I need to do to my trainers before applying the patches?

To ensure optimum adhesion ensure that your footwear is dry and clean before applying the patches.

Can I use the patches with Allbirds trainers/shoes?

Yes - as long as the shoes/trainers are flexible enough for the toe area to be pressed down against the patch/applicator during the application process. The patches have been tested with a selection of Allbirds footwear.

Can I wash my trainers after the patches have been installed?

Although we do not recommend machine washing your trainers, if you do choose to, it should be on a cool wash (no more than 30°C). After washing ensure trainers are dry before use.

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